Real Women Saffron and Ashlee have completed Week 2 of F45 Port Stephens’ 8-week challenge and share below how it all went.


Week 2 is complete and I have realised two things.

  1. I really like this circuit style training. I don’t usually enjoy resistance training, but short bursts on each exercise mean that even for exercises that seem a real chore (for me it’s push-ups and chin-ups), only a few minutes and they are over and done with. Very doable and it doesn’t feel tedius!
  2. I don’t seem to get on very well lists and structure when it comes to food. The F45 app is fantastic and offers a weekly plan with a list of ingredients to buy. Regimented eating has never been my thing, so I’m continuing to modify the food I usually eat (which is pretty healthy anyway) to see how I go. Mainly replacing carbs with veggies and eating smaller portion sizes. Plus I’m still giving myself a cheat day at the weekend. It would be rude not to!

Despite the fact I don’t tend to use the meal planner on the app, I am cooking the odd recipe here and there and they are delicious. It’s also good if you need some inspiration on what to eat.

One thing I did notice this week is when I did the Tomaree Mountain walk at the weekend, it was so much easier than previous efforts. It’s amazing how quickly you can improve your fitness level.

I am raring to move on to Week 3!


This week has been a harder week for me to get to F45 due to my husband being away! However, I have kept up my exercise and I am feeling so great at the moment! I can already notice the change in my body and my clothes are starting to get loose (might have to treat myself to some new clothes after this)!

This challenge has become a lifestyle change, it is pushing me to work my hardest possible to get in the best shape I possibly can! Putting myself 1st for a change!

This week I even got my hair done as my self-care treat!

So far I’m extremely happy I am doing this challenge and I can’t wait to see what more my body is capable of!!!