Saffron & Ashlee – Day 1 Post Workout

Real Women Saffron and Ashlee have completed Week 1 of F45 Port Stephens’ 8-week challenge and share below how it all went.


Despite having very sore legs after day 2, I really enjoyed the classes this week. I attended three sessions in total as I went away for a long weekend Thursday to Monday. I love that you can book your classes via the app and get a reminder before the session.

I loved the recipe ideas on the app and even though I balked a bit at all the ingredients I had to buy if I stuck religiously to the recipes, I found that with a few tweaks I was able to modify them without spending too much.

I cheated a bit food-wise over the weekend because I was on Hayman Island, however I did manage to get in two 14km walks while I was there which I don’t think I would have been able to have done without strengthening my legs from the weeks workouts as there was a lot of uphill climbing.

I feel a bit fitter and stronger and am looking forward to this week’s workouts!

I also found out that I really love carrots and peanut butter, a snack idea from the F45 Challenge app! Who’d have thought that would work 🙂



So we are one week in! Last week I pushed myself way to hard to fast, and i crashed by Thursday!! So this week I’m going to pace myself more and listen to my body! I feel so great and more productive on the days I go to the gym and am loving the circuit training method! I’m not even craving that late night treat anymore, and find I’m choosing the healthy options all the time! Loving the challenge.