by Joanna Atherfold Finn

On meeting Tracy and Christine Blosdale, the first thing that strikes you is that they’d be a lot of fun at a dinner party. Tracy is vibrant, a larger-than-life personality who fills the space with lively banter. Christine balances this with a subtle intensity. Both are witty and their affection for each other is palpable. In a win for social media, they found love in the unlikeliest of places – Instagram – and, more remarkably, they live 14 hours away from each other for long stints – 14 hours by plane that is.

The first attraction for Tracy was when she noticed a photo of Christine. With her contagious sense of humour, Tracy said, “I saw Christine’s photo on my personal Insta and I read her comments. Then I just started stalking her like a creeper.”

In reality, the connection was far more nuanced, evolving over time via social media.

“I felt a strong need to communicate, not with any intention, I just loved her authenticity. She was being very true to herself and it was something I really admired,” Tracy told Real Women of Port Stephens.

At this stage, Christine didn’t know that the meeting of minds was taking place across a huge distance with Tracy working as an established Real Estate Agent in Nelson Bay and Christine focused on her career as an award-winning radio host and motivational speaker in Los Angeles.

“I asked, ‘Where are you from?’ She sent me a picture of [Port Stephens]. I thought, is that Hawaii, is that Florida? I didn’t realise she was in Australia. But we communicated and we basically fell in love through Skype and WhatsApp.”

They talked for hours at a time over a six-month period before finally meeting, discovering that even though they were unique individuals, they had much in common in their perspectives towards life and love.

“Imagine two women,” Tracy deadpanned, referring to how much time they spent chatting.

“We have a very strong spiritual side . . . I believe that sometimes in life we choose our partners for different reasons. Love has so many different layers. Christine has taught me to be in love with your own self, which is really important and I think it comes with age. She has maintained this beautiful self-care.”

The first time the couple met was in Maui. Christine was understandably anxious, having already made up her mind that Tracy was the one.

“I landed first and I remember being so nervous. I used to do this thing as a kid, whenever I was nervous I’d do the leg shake thing. Both legs were shaking. There were people waiting for their families and I just turned around and said, ‘This is the first time. The love of my life is here.’”

Tracy and Christine were married in California in May 2018. They have found people overwhelmingly accepting, though both describe the uneasy feeling prior to marriage equality in their respective countries.

“The amount of homophobia and hate crimes [in America] was through the roof; once same-sex marriage happened, the crimes dropped dramatically,” Christine said.

Similarly, watching the results of the Australian same-sex postal survey was a challenging experience, particularly because the wording of the voluntary survey placed emphasis not on whether people were supportive of same-sex marriage,
but whether the law should be changed.

“Imagine, you’ve found your human, yet [prior to the outcome] it was actually against the law to be together,” Tracy said. “We were being defined through our sexuality, but that is not what defines us. That is one aspect of life.”

“I was very nervous about it,” Christine added. “Having someone else have control of your life, your destiny, is a very strange feeling. I think most people don’t understand that.”

Unconditionally accepting and loving ourselves, each other and the world we live in is something many people could learn from Christine and Tracy.

“Although both of our personalities are quite whimsical, the level of depth and wisdom from Christine is always surprising and awe-inspiring. She has an incredible sensitivity about her, not just with me but with the planet.”

Christine is equally adamant. “When I met Tracy, I found the person I had always hoped existed. I was prepared to be alone, but if I wrote a letter to God listing all the things I’d love in another human being, it is her. She’s who I have been looking for since I was a child.”

Along with Tracy’s children, Millen, 15, and Iesha, 12, the family – known as the tribe of four – make the dynamic work. “Our happiness spreads to the children,” Tracy said. “There is good energy, love and respect in our home.”

Christine continues to work in Los Angeles, so distance is one hurdle that the couple will continue to navigate for now. You get the sense that whatever it takes, Tracy and Christine’s positive attitude and devotion to each other will ensure
that no barrier is too great to hinder their determination.