Maree Frawley

Maree Frawley

by Maree Frawley

Maree Frawley, International Best-Selling Author, Yoga Instructor of 20 years, Rejuvenation Mentor and Co-Founder of Port Stephens Chiropractic and Yoga has a quest to raise awareness of the health impact of the electrosmog surrounding us 24/7.

Academics and scientists worldwide postulate the need for caution and essential change. Yet, the general awareness of dangers with wireless technology is still very low.

Thousands of researchers and the BioInitiative Report 2007 and 2012, have identified the dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) that impact cellular levels, damaging DNA, proteins, neurons and contributing to oxidisation. Cancers, leukaemia, tumours, behavioural disorders, ringing in ears, general inflammation, sleep disorders, anxiety, skin irritations and extreme fatigue are just a few of the symptoms.

Australian awareness is still relatively low and many people would prefer to be ignorant than say goodbye to their Fitbit or take their phone out of their pocket or change their usage of technology.

The bigger challenge with modifying behaviours with technology is understanding the role it plays in your life. Technology adds status, safety and convenience, plus so much more when it comes to entertainment and how we enjoy life. It is so convenient to have your phone, camera, internet, a record of how many steps you have taken, connection with friends and communities all at your fingertips.

Research indicates that women and children are more affected with human made EMR. There is a correlation between bowel and prostate cancers and the placement of mobile phones. Women and men having perfect arrangement of tumour surrounding where they had previously tucked their phone into their bra, shirt or pants pocket.

Although I could quote research showing that our physiological cells become impacted by EMR levels that are 1/5 of what your phone emits, it will not inspire change.

It is your own personal absorption rate of EMR that is most important! You on your bed and your specific absorption rate and the same for your family members. Sleep is when our rejuvenation and cellular repair occurs. Having a clear sleeping environment is the foundation for recovery.

We are facing human made EMR 1,018 times higher than that put out by nature and EMR levels having increased a quintillion times in the last decade (that is a 1 with 18 zeros!)

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity impacts people differently and approximately 35% of the population are EHS with more than 60% symptomatic. EHS can match many symptoms and often be completely overlooked. Scientific studies have shown that human made electromagnetic radiation is a major contributor to methylation, epigenetic stress pathways and oxidative stress.

My own story with sensitivity and recovery is available in my ebook Zapped With No Idea. My sensitivity was the catalyst for studying with the world’s leading experts in electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Beyond my studies I read, studied and immersed myself with seminars, workshops, research and gained international qualification as a Geo-Technician in environmental medicine.

The Bare Basics of EMR Safety:

  • Ground yourself each day – barefoot on the ground.
  • Being in the sunlight of a morning for approximately 20 minutes. Ideally without lenses to reset bio-chemistry including melatonin/cortisol. Skin and eyes are the biggest absorbers of vitamin D. (Not looking directly into the sun!)
  • Put your wireless modem on a timer so it is off while you sleep.
  • Take off your Fitbit (permanently would be better!)
  • Minimise blue and white light exposure at least an hour before bed. (Blue and white spectrum light increases cortisol and reduces melatonin required for healthy sleep cycles.)
  • Turn your mobile phone off while sleeping. Or a starting point is flight mode or keep your phone out of the bedroom.

The ripple awareness of health challenges associated with EMR/geopathic stress and our indoor lifestyle is happening. I am here to support and educate community groups, workplace and schools. I have invested in premium high frequency and low frequency probes that measure personal specific levels as there is no question that women and children are more vulnerable to higher absorption.

If you feel effected by EMR there are excellent pathways to strengthen and harmonise your physiology to stabilise and improve your health. If you are close to mobile phone towers or have a smart meter on your bedroom wall, I would recommend getting your measurements done with a home assessment or hire our equipment to measure your own results. It is your Specific Absorption Rate that matters. If you need healing from disease that you are dealing with, understanding your personal absorption rate is essential for recovery! Start there for you and your family and put your mind at ease or make simple change!

Maree is available for home assessments, speaking engagements, hosts health mapping sessions, inspiring vitality retreat days and online programs to help people reach their full health potential. To access her ebook Zapped With No Idea, email or visit

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